Sustain Your Health, January – April, 2023

This series is designed to help you generate health from the inside out. You will go on an experiential journey, restoring trust in your innate ability to advance, to grow, and to heal. The series focuses on four key components of immunity and a healthy body: your blood, nerves, interstitial fluids, and brain. The purpose of these seminars is to inspire a dynamic life filled with purpose and inner strength.

Fee: $250 for 4 sessions. Register today for early bird $200:

Each webinar event is freshly composed, and participants’ questions and interaction are welcome. If you are not able to attend or have missed live-stream sessions, you can receive the previous recording once you have registered.

1. Key Ways to Clean Your Blood Saturday, January 14th, 9:00 – 11:00am PST.

The blood that flows through our bodies is just like the streams, creeks, rivers and oceans that nourish and irrigate the Earth. Most all health pathology derives from problems with blood flow or damage to lining of the vessels and the cells moving through them. Our very personalities are intimately connected with our blood, as demonstrated by character alterations in some people who have received blood transfusions. In fact, since the dawn of human history, traditional medicine has placed great emphasis on cleansing the blood and ensuring its optimal flow to the tissues and organs.

Attending this webinar series will give you valuable information on:

  • how to preserve the health of your blood 
  • how to detox safely and comprehensively
  • how to de-stress through regulation of your nervous system
  • how to breathe for a strong immune response
  • how to move stuck electromagnetic energy out of the body
  • how to nurture mental clarity and a spiritual center

2. The Secret Teachings of Water Saturday, February 11th, 9:00 – 11:00am PST. 

Attending this webinar series will give you valuable insights into:

  • How and why water is the primary intelligence at work inside your body.
  • How your extracellular matrix orchestrates gene expression, cell division, and immune response.
  • A new and stunningly beautiful view of how life actually works inside your body.
  • What water can teach you about adaptability, positive change, youthfulness and longevity.
  • How to get back in the saddle, transforming worry, fear, and negative emotion into strength.
  • How to support your health with special movements, breathing, ocean fluids, and water-friendly foods.

3. The Biology of Natural Immunity Saturday, March 11th, 9:00 – 11:00am PST. 

Our body has an exquisite system for providing us energy and making us thrive. In the upcoming webinar, you will gain a colorful understanding of how Nature’s intelligent design protects and nourishes both sexes.

We examine simple questions such as why females crave warmth on the physical and emotional levels, and why men do better when they find their cool and need to chill. What role does biology play in the differences between female/male anatomical and emotional make up, lifespan, temperament, psyche, and most importantly, defense against illness or infection. What is the role of biological sex in the functioning of our immune system, protecting our bodies from ailment?

Our metabolic system, nervous system, and immune system are deeply interconnected and generate our health from the inside out. Natural immunity protects us against cancer, chronic disease and premature aging. Knowledge empowers our immunity and lengthens our lives. We are committed to bring forth rare, valuable information that is not easily found else where. The best medicine is true understanding.

You will learn:

  1. How to optimize your metabolic energy production
  2. How to ensure your immune system can fight both virus and bacteria
  3. Why nutritional science is not enough to keep us healthy
  4. Why women are sensitive to cold and why this is dangerous for them
  5. Why men tend to be tense and why this is dangerous for them
  6. How our beliefs, thoughts and emotions affect our natural immunity
  7. What movement nurtures health and longevity
  8. What is the main cause of all health problem and sickness
  9. How to protect yourself from cancer and chronic disease
  10. Why disease can and should always be healed from within

4. The Cosmic Code Saturday, April 8th, 9:00 – 11:00am PST. 

  • How to be in alignment with your higher self and higher purpose.
  • Understanding we are really made of energy, frequency, and vibration.
  • How to protect your brain from toxic EMFs and subliminal mind-control.
  • How to practice discernment and access intuition.

Please inquire if you have any questions:

How to Sustain Your Health in Difficult Times

What: Webinar series offers comprehensive education on infection pathways, immunity, the influence of the environment, the effects of our thoughts and emotions on health, and much more. It provides anyone seeking to preserve or take back charge of their own health with rational, scientific principles, guidelines and methods.

When: Pacific Standard Time:

  • Saturday, 09/10 (webinar)                   9 – 11 am
  • Saturday, 10/08 (mini-retreat)            9 – 12 noon
  • Saturday, 11/12 (webinar)                   9 – 11 am
  • Saturday, 12/10 (mini-retreat)             9 – 12 noon

The price for the series is $200. As a special bonus: all early birds (sign up before 09/01) will receive a 30mins individual session (value $175)

“Facing down your fear and breaking free of habits is the same as saying YES to life. It is easy to forget that each of us holds the key for positive change both in our own lives and in the world around us. Change always begins within so long as we remember who we are. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to underestimate their own power. This is evidenced by universal law and the physiological science of renewal. Just as our body uses stem cells + oxygen to constantly remake itself, so our mind uses courageous action to generate positivity. Energy applied in this way always produces more energy. This increase in energy leads to improvements in our health, freedom, prosperity and happiness. To come out of our shell is to remember who we are, children of a divinely generated universe, not slaves to a corrupt, artificial system. Action is both a duty and a blessing. Life is our inheritance to be lived, and now is the moment to do so, no matter what the circumstances. “

~ Dr. Nicholas Corrin

For detailed info or to register:

Immune Defense Updated, 07/30, 9-11am PDT, Live-stream

Taught by Dr. Nicholas Corrin, OMD

Cost $50 per participant

* UNDERSTANDING OUR BODIES: How physical health or disease always begin in the flow of our blood and interstitial fluids. How this self-protective terrain and its currents can be compromised by toxins from vaccines, diet, poisons in the air, water and soil. The importance of fluid pH and our gut and blood-brain barriers and what happens when vital membranes leak. 

* UNDERSTANDING OUR MINDS. How our thoughts, attitude and emotions directly affect the internal fluids and flows of the primary terrain, and the interior dynamics of cells. How to avoid mental-emotional toxins from permeating our defenses and infiltrating our brains, hearts and other organs, entangling there with chemical or electromagnetic toxins. 

* MY NEW UPDATED SUPPLEMENT PROTOCOL. New comprehensive supplement, herbal and detox protocol for all (including those who have been vaccinated). Basic daily keep-safe approach to health.

* STAYING CALM, SANE, AND STRONG: Internal spiritual practice, breathwork, movement, and energy attunement strategies to preserve your equanimity, immune system, and healthy circulation of nutrients.

* Q & A

Webinar date: July 30, 9-11am PST 

A zoom link will be sent to each paid attendee prior to the commencement of the webinar.

*Reservations can be made by pre-purchasing a spot:

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