Immune Defense Updated, 07/30, 9-11am PDT, Live-stream

Taught by Dr. Nicholas Corrin, OMD

Cost $50 per participant

* UNDERSTANDING OUR BODIES: How physical health or disease always begin in the flow of our blood and interstitial fluids. How this self-protective terrain and its currents can be compromised by toxins from vaccines, diet, poisons in the air, water and soil. The importance of fluid pH and our gut and blood-brain barriers and what happens when vital membranes leak. 

* UNDERSTANDING OUR MINDS. How our thoughts, attitude and emotions directly affect the internal fluids and flows of the primary terrain, and the interior dynamics of cells. How to avoid mental-emotional toxins from permeating our defenses and infiltrating our brains, hearts and other organs, entangling there with chemical or electromagnetic toxins. 

* MY NEW UPDATED SUPPLEMENT PROTOCOL. New comprehensive supplement, herbal and detox protocol for all (including those who have been vaccinated). Basic daily keep-safe approach to health.

* STAYING CALM, SANE, AND STRONG: Internal spiritual practice, breathwork, movement, and energy attunement strategies to preserve your equanimity, immune system, and healthy circulation of nutrients.

* Q & A

Webinar date: July 30, 9-11am PST 

A zoom link will be sent to each paid attendee prior to the commencement of the webinar.

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