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Grounded Body, Fluid Mind Fluid Body, Grounded Mind ®

Class schedule & Descriptions

All one-on-one private sessions & group classes on live stream on Zoom, Pacific Standard Time. We look forward to seeing you and deepen out practice together!

Upgrade your practice with Grounded Body, Fluid Mind / Fluid Body, Grounded Mind ®: expected to be challenged, expand your breath and uplift your spirit! Master level classes, 25 years of professional expertise.

“My purpose in life is to help others grow, heal and restore. My teaching method focuses on following nature, and on nurturing the entire body. Above all, it involves remembering where we come from. This remembering is equivalent to being “awake”. Being awake occurs when we are truly one with our bodies, and also one with our soul purpose. The true goals of yoga are health, happiness and generosity of spirit. Such goals are certainly within our reach if we strive to stay awake. Each of us is a child of this mysterious universe. We all share the journey of life together, and we can  each tap into universal  energy and healing so long as we awaken to our true origins. My approach is very simple and clear: be loving and patient. In this way I have been able to help so many people of all types, regardless of age, infirmity or other limitation. My way is the way of the heart.  It is the way of listening, of taking joy in the presence of all the living beings that surround us.” ~ Katerina Wen®

Current on-line teaching schedule: 2022

All classes are live-stream on Zoom, pacific standard time. Email to sign up!
  •  Tuesdays 8:30-9:30am (PST)  Stretch & Restore I (an easy going for all ages and levels, great for beginners)
  •  Tuesdays 9:30-10:10am (PST) Chair yoga (for seniors and people with limited mobility)
  • Thursdays 8:30-9:30am (PST)  Stretch & Restore II (core & enhanced balance practice)
  •  Thursdays 9:30-10:100am (PST) Balance & Stretch (fun and gentle for 60+, donation for seniors)
  •  Sundays 9:00-10:15am (PST)  Master class (intermediate+ level, for active people)
  •  Consultations and One-on-one private session for all ages (focused attention to individual’s unique structure, and anatomical therapy tailored for personal injuries, old holding patterns due to stress, trauma, and so forth)

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Master class (Sunday with Katerina)

Sunday 9:00 – 10:15am PST

Great for people with somatic movement experience, intermediate and advanced levels.

Each practice is a chance to enrich our ability to ground our roots deeply into the earth and to refresh our aspiration for life. Our practice is based on anatomical understanding, and on flow-forms drawn from nature. Infinite Body Yoga is based on the principle of Grounded Body, Fluid Mind / Fluid Body, Grounded Mind ®. It is a somatic movement practice utilizing fluid, continuous sequencing to induce re-patterning of body posture & awareness, correlative enhancement of cognitive focus, mental-emotional balance, and interoceptive consciousness. This fluid, yet internally consistent practice enables people to connect introspectively with the life currents that run throughout their body, and fortifies them to better cope with the inevitable challenges of aging, emotional stress, injury and/or disabilities, retaining serenity and joy. Targets included in this method: strengthening and conditioning of the ligaments, core and other skeletal muscles; spiralic re-calibration of the spine; deep breathing exercises to oxygenate the whole body & rejuvenate vital organs; somatic stimulation for the cardiovascular, metabolic, & respiratory systems; release of tension, tightness, or holding patterns causing physical restrictions or pain; calibration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain to foster emotional balance; balancing of neurotransmitters; deep relaxation to help generate quietude & efficient sleep cycles; stimulation of bone remodeling.

Stretch and Restore I

Tuesday 8:30 – 9:30am PST

Great for beginners, all levels. No experience necessary.

Time to get all that stiffness out of your body! The Tuesday 8:30am class is a gentle Stretch and Restore class. Stretching the body thoroughly relaxes ad tones the muscles. It helps to keep our ligaments and tendons youthful. It releases the build up of inner tensions – both mental and physical – that accumulate with age. Regular stretching is also highly beneficial for the rebuilding of bone matrix, for your brain health, for the elasticity of your arterial walls, and indeed for the health of all your vital organs because they are wrapped in layers of connective tissue called fascia. Keeping our fascia supple helps preserve our vital organs. You will learn more about how these tissues/fibers weave together in spirals throughout the body (from head to toe) as you practice.

Stretch and Restore II

Thursday 8:30 – 9:30am.
Our body, like all living things, was designed for health and resilience, so long as we treat it well. Working with me means using regenerative movements to access secret healing methods embedded in all of nature, but usually invisible to us in our busy modern lives. I look forward to sharing these living secrets with you. We’ll walk together in vitality and good health on our journey of the spirit!  
This class brings greater flexibility plus strength to your core and back muscles. It introduces new breathing techniques in conjunction with flowing movement, as well as an enhanced Taking the class will build muscle tone, coordination, and brain function. 
*if you’ve already been taking Stretch & Restore I, adding Stretch & Restore II will amplify and prolong the benefits you get from the Tuesday practice.

Chair Yoga

Tuesday 9:30 – 10:10am PST

Ideal for seniors or people with special needs

Donation only: or or call: (360) 378-2677

The Tue 9:30 Chair class is a more relaxed way to get a workout for the body. It provides a fun way to activate energy, mobilizing the spine and major joints.  It includes stretches of the back and legs, both  important in slowing down the aging process. We use fluid movements that open up the breathing cavity and invigorate the respiratory system to enhance proper oxygenation of the body and uplift the mood. We also practice yoga for the face (to rejuvenate the facial muscles, larynx, etc), as well as eye exercises to benefit the optical nerves, which are directly connected to our brain.

A special class designed to enhance the overall quality of your life. It is deeply gratifying to be able to move and breath better again. Current class attendees age range: 18-98.

Standing Balance

Thursday 9:30 – 10:10am PST

Ideal for all ages (Special discount for Mullis Senior Center members)

The Thursday 9:30 Balance class provides a gentle way for people to train their ability to balance by toning and reconditioning various muscle groups (legs, glutes, lower back). Navigating our balance provides a realistic way to strengthen our core, therefore it also aids our digestive health when it is done regularly. Balance is highly valued as means of fall prevention. Falls can be highly detrimental for people after they reach a certain age. However, my focus on balance also implements ways to harness the the proprioceptive and vestibular nerves. These connect with our neuromuscular system. They also stimulate neuroplasticity in the brain. (*This is why a patient is tested for dementia or Alazheimers, the doctor will assess how long he/she can maintain balance on just one leg.) This class often includes walking meditations that help people experience a sense of equilibrium, and joy.

Consultant / One-on-one private sessions

Why and How? The one-on-one session is tailor to your individual needs. Typically I will give you a thorough evaluation. This gives me a more precise understanding as to what is going on. Then I can assist your body and get your body feeling strong again! My method is working with fluid motions to release and rejuvenate your spine and throughout the whole body. 
Private sessions offer focused attention on alignment awareness, with personalized adjustments for your unique structure, and anatomical therapy tailored for personal injuries, old holding patterns due to stress, trauma, and so forth. 
We can have a 15 mins complimentary session over the phone or on zoom. Where we can meet and ask each other questions! Send me an email to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.
  • Personalized protocols tailored to individual needs:

    25 years of professional teaching : from high performance to specialized yoga therapy for dancers, athletes, people with disability, or other special health challenges

  • Global on-line video conference session available
  • Personal training for professional teachers: A deeper understanding of true yoga and how to translate spiritual wisdom into contemporary concepts, and how to use myths and stories as a teaching tool
  • One-on-one swadhyaya program, pedagogical  advise, developing your unique style, in practice/teaching
  • Mentorship for professional teachers: Business consultation: career strategy, style branding, self care: the longevity of your body and practice 
  • Corporate yoga: Special designed destress practice to enhance your employees's performance and a harmonious working environment 
  • Yoga choreography (for season practitioners / dancers)

Infinite Body Yoga Therapy

  • Infinite Body © Yoga therapy for children and adults with special needs, people with (or recovering from) injuries / severe illness, seniors, and hospice patients
    • Experience in working with children with :
      • Gifted children, dreamy children, artistic, creative,  highly sensitive
      • ADHD, Down Syndrome, Asperger, Autism, Cerebral palsy, Anxiety disorder, developmental or emotional issues, and other special needs.
    • Experience in working with adults with:
      • highly active, sporty seniors to people who has never exercised
    • MS (Multiple sclerosis), Scoliosis, ADHD, PTSD, HIV, brain injuries, Parkinson's, MSA (Multiple system atrophy), hospice patients, people with disabilities and special needs.

Fee: $170 per session, $ 750 for package for six lesson, contact us to book your appointment!

Our style

Infinite Body Yoga~ Grounded Body, Fluid Mind / Fluid Body, Grounded Mind ®

“My special method of movement is based on the spiral. This is because all life in the universe, from giant galaxies to tiny ferns shows evidence of the spiral. The spiral is the basis of universal harmony. And the spiral is the form that generates expansion, and freedom from restriction.” ~Katerina Wen

Yoga is now practiced all over the world. However, it is generally taught in a very superficial way.

What is yoga? Yoga is really a multi-faceted system to strengthen mind, body and soul. It is a way of bringing all aspects of yourself into greater harmony.

Yoga is also a way to approach life with dignity, creativity and courage.

Yoga is not just about flexibility or performing poses (asanas). It is about cultivating your source energy, mental clarity and spiritual fire. And it is, most importantly, about directing your awarenessand actions out into the world in a meaningful way.

The practice, on a physical level, is graduated so as to accommodate all. It is gentle enough to welcome beginners, yet healthfully challenging for even the most experienced practitioners.

Our yoga practice is artful, graceful, fluid and uplifting. It trains the mind to be clear and alert, it encourages the heart to become magnanimous, and makes the body resilient. A regular practice will help you calibrate outer and inner strength to engage on life’s journey with greater equipoise and joy.

Each class includes:

Strengthens and conditions your ligaments, core and skeletal muscles
Tuning of the spine
Enhances your endurance and mental tenacity
Oxygenates the whole body, & rejuvenates the vital organs
Healthy stimulation for your cardiovascular, metabolic, & respiratory systems
Releases tension, tightness, or holding pattens causing physical restrictions or pain
Calibrates the right and left hemispheres of the brain & fosters emotional balance
Reminding you of what is most important in life, giving you tools to stay on track
Special breath training for optimal result and transformation
Whole body conditioning: stamina, grace and balance
Spinal calibration & Core strength
Deep relaxation at the end of each class: a profound experience in letting go and restfulness
 Yoga for the mind meditation, philosophy, spirituality in the modern world


  • Balances neurotransmitters and stabilizes positive emotions
  • Helps generate deep quietude, efficient sleep
  • Increases hydration of the skin and collagen production
  • Maintains flexibility of your joints and repair of your bone matrix
  • Fortify your inner strength and overall performance

Our Teacher

“I am here to guide people back to the source. To help others remember.”

Katerina Wen, M.Ed., RSME, RSMT: Katerina’s teaching meets the high standards of International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association ISMETA. A Register Somatic Movement Educator, Register Somatic Movement Therapist, and also a certified yoga teacher. Her deep study of classical yogic philosophy impelled her to find a way to make contemporary yoga relevant to the modern world. Accordingly, she left behind the conventional layout of teaching, developing instead her unique circular style of practice grouped around original mandalas. Katerina’s mandala creations are steeped in contemplative awareness of nature and symbolize the universe and the forces of creation. The luminous hub of the practice circle focuses the students’ attention inwards upon what is most mysterious and most important in life.

Katerina has been featured on the cover of Yoga International Magazine. She has, at different times, conducted educational programs for yoga teachers, educators, therapists and other health professionals.

Katerina’s background in homeopathy and anthroposophy along with her deep understanding of yogic philosophy are the basis for her compassionate approach to both therapy and teaching. She has graduated from six world renowned yoga teacher training programs, and earned her certification as a yoga therapist for children with special needs in 1999. Her academic education includes a Diploma in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy and a Master’s degree in Education from Antioch University. Teaching from a place of love and compassion has been the principle of Katerina’s work for over 2 decades. With an innate ability and passion in working with seniors and people in need. Katerina has also trained in Hospice direct care, and has been serving the San Juan Hospice since 2011.

Yoga InternatinalKaterina’s signature style is represented in the artistry of her sophisticated sequencing and the ability to inspire students and teachers to explore new terrain and to discover the beauty of self-development. Her Waldorf teaching experience is noticeable in the way how her guidance practice evokes a sense of imagination and wonder at nature. A core part of her work also stems from the transformative experience of her personal healing journey. Over the years, she has developed specialized joint health movement therapy for a wide spectrum of people, in particular the elderly, and individuals with medical challenges. Katerina has a rare mastery to reach people of all ages and abilities, touching people in their hearts in a way few ever forget.

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The spiritual energy and vibration of Katerina’s classes are amazing!” ~JL

Katerina’s teaching has touched my heart and changed me forever.” ~LK

Most transformative practice I have ever experienced!” ~SM

“You are one of the best yoga teachers. Your teachings have opened my heart and allowed me to feel comfortable in my body again.” DC

“Katerina’s creativity is one of a kind. She has inspired me on so many levels! And her classes always fill me with energy and mental clarity!” – JCW

“Katerina is one of the few teachers I have studied with who is able to transmit the yoga tradition in ways that is realistic for modern people.”-MM

“As a yoga teacher myself, I can say that Katerina Wen’s class style is unique in this industry.  Her classes are just special. There is a different quality to them that is Katerina’s alone.”-AML

How incredibly fortunate I was to have Katerina as my first yoga teacher! Thanks to her I am the proud – and astonished! – owner of a body and mind that are healthier now than they have ever been in my life.” KB (8 years later, KB became a yoga teacher)

“You must try Katerina’s class if you want to be inspired!” -TS

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have never come across a special teacher like Katerina. Her ability to transcend the asana practice into a spiritual journey is truly magical.” ~GR

Katerina Wen is incredibly dedicated to her own practice, and brings creativity and thoughtfulness to every class. Her classes are challenging and test my limits every time.” – JF

Katerina is an extraordinary teacher – her classes are beautifully choreographed and since I started working with her several years ago my practice has deepened and the benefits have extended to my writing and my life.” – JDC

The highly intelligent & creative sequencing of Katerina Wen is unique, sincere and challenging…I always learn something new about myself in her class. I especially appreciate the friendly environment she’s created The circle practice allows us to practice the oneness of yoga in its true essence.” – SY

“I only had the sweet pleasure of taking your class a couple of times long ago, and so appreciate your beautiful presence. I still feel it coming through with students of yours that you impacted so deeply. Those that studied with you for some time have a quality that is so warm and present.” -AP

“Thank you so very, very much for your beautiful way of teaching yoga…for me it has been an experience of feeding on beauty.” ~OB

Don’t be deceived by Katerina’s delicate look and demeanor. She is amazingly strong, both physically and spiritually. Practicing with her is like climbing up a mountain. It is challenging and can be demanding. But at the end of the class, I always feel the breeze as if I have reached to the top and am standing on the summit with a grand vista before me – where I get to enjoy the most glorious views. It is an exhilarating experience…” ~CF

I credit my success in teaching to Katerina’s influence. She continues to be incredibly inspiring and full heartedly supportive. Her ability to “excavate” my potential made me a stronger person. I am very fortunate to have her guidance in my life.” ~SR

I’d never discovered what it means to be on a spiritual path until I met Katerina.”~JR
Thank you for sharing your spirit and teaching us in the most powerful, creative, compassionate and gentle way. It is very healing to practice with you.”~CC
I am forever grateful to Katerina’s dedication in teaching and self development. Her teaching is always fresh and creative. Even after teaching yoga for over 15 years now, I still learn new things whenever I attend her class. I am glad that she is now also teaching the elderly now. That means I will get to practice with for a very long time!” ~KJ

Why Yoga is amazing for your health:

Yoga is commonly recognized as a tool for stress relief, metabolic stimulation, mental clarity and joint mobility. Many recent medical studies have shown that practicing yoga also improves immune health and boosts brain function. Join us for a fun and rejuvenating practice!

  • Improve your health and posture 

  • De-stress + gain circulation = better immune system 
  • Increase stamina, muscle tone and joint mobility
  • Promote mental clarity & brain health
  • Develop energy, grace and strength

  • Come and find your inner peace and learn about the best self-care and stress release techniques that you will treasure for a life time!

Healthy brain

Did you know that when yoga postures are performed with correct breathing and meditatitive focus it can boost your brain function? A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign reports that a single yoga session significantly improved participants’ speed and accuracy on a controlled test of “working memory, focus, retention and ability to absorb and use new information”. Studies have also showed that participants did NOT get the same positive brain buzz from aerobics. The study appeared in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health.

Improve immune function

Yoga is commonly recognized as a tool for stress relief, metabolic stimulation, mental clarity and joint mobility. A new study shows that practicing yoga also improves immune health. The University of Oslo study examined ten people who attended a one-week yoga retreat where they participated in two-hour yoga sessions or took nature walks and listened to relaxing music.

After analyzing participants’ blood samples, researchers found that practicing yoga positively altered 111 genes in circulating immune cells, compared with 38 gene alterations from listening to music and walking – almost TRIPLE the amount. Yoga immediately affects your body at a molecular level, an amazing remedy for immune function!

What does the science say?

According to a study published in March 2016 in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing: “people with the irregular heart rhythm atrial fibrillation had significantly lower blood pressure and heart rates after they practiced 30 minutes of light yoga weekly for 12 weeks”

Harvard Medicine Heart Letter:

“Performing a variety of yoga postures gently stretches and exercises muscles. This helps them become more sensitive to insulin, which is important for controlling blood sugar. Deep breathing can help lower blood pressure. Mind-calming meditation, another key part of yoga, quiets the nervous system and eases stress. All of these improvements may help prevent heart disease, and can definitely help people with cardiovascular problems.

One of yoga’s clearest benefits to the heart is its ability to relax the body and mind. Emotional stress can cause a cascade of physical effects, including the release of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which narrow your arteries and increase blood pressure. The deep breathing and mental focus of yoga can offset this stress.”

Johns Hopkins Medicine:

Beyond off-loading stress, practicing yoga may help lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels, as well as heart rate, making it a useful lifestyle intervention. One study has shown that blood measurements and waist circumference—a marker for heart disease—improved in middle-aged adults with metabolic syndrome who practiced yoga for three months.”