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    An Island of Healing
  • Profound healing for
    serious health challenges
  • Secret methods for
    shifting your reality
    Tai Chi / Qi Gong
  • Our unique mandala based yoga for
    awakening and inner growth
  • Inspirational events to ignite your vision
  • Our special system for restoring
    suppleness and mobility
    Joyful Joint

NEW website announcement:



We are committed to providing you the best holistic health services including consultations, treatment, webinars, teaching, and retreats.
We look forward to connecting with you:
Please use contact@nicholascorrin.com as our new default email address. All new and existing patients are requested to set up appointments or make any inquiries using this email address.
For virtual or in-person yoga and movement classes, contact: info@KaterinaWen.com
Sending very warm wishes to you and your families!

Mission Statement

To provide top quality regenerative healing and somatic teaching/therapy, highly customized for each individual.  

The success of our unique treatment strategies and one-of-a-kind movement classes is now reaching people in different countries across the world. Since 2001, our commitment has been to provide the highest level of individualized service. This means that we are entirely focused on what is best for you, providing the quickest, safest, and most effective solutions for pain, low energy, premature aging, chronic health issues, or mystery illness. 

If you seek to boost your natural immunity, detoxify your body, invest in longevity, recover your youthful flexibility, or learn ways to protect against dangerous EMF exposure, you will find answers from us you will not find elsewhere.

From Local to Global

We are now a fully operational virtual clinic and classroom.

Classes are live-streamed and treatment takes place in real time. 

Clients can be located anywhere in the world. You will receive all our services within the safe and comfortable environment of your own home. 

Zero carbon footprint, no pollution, no hassle!


Telemedicine: WiFiVibe (patented vibrational medicine)

 Radical Healing & High Performance Consulting

Consistent Patient Care

The Fountainhead of Success

Animal / Pet Healing

Classes / Workshops / Trainings

Yoga / Somatic therapy for children, adults, seniors

One-on-one private lessons, tailored to individual needs